How Do The Programs Work?

It’s fast, convenient and easy! Once you enroll; get excited! A few days before the program begins, you’ll get a welcome email and your login information. The online clubhouse contains everything you’ll need for the program: the course calendar, audio recordings, videos, activities, resources and access to Cindy in the discussion board. She will be there ready to guide you every step of the way!

Each day of the program new information will be added for you and the best part is that you don’t need to be in front of your computer, smart book or phone at a certain time. This program is intentionally designed with busy parents and caregivers in mind. You can check in to the virtual classroom from any country, any time of day or night to access everything.  This program runs on YOUR schedule.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Plus, all Chew Chew Mama program materials are yours to keep in your brand new “feeding toolbox” forever!

Let’s put the magic back into mealtimes with your own virtual pediatric feeding therapist in your kitchen!

See you on the discussion boards.

What people are saying about Chew Chew Mama…

I seriously cannot thank you enough!! Cannon eats just about anything now thanks to all the tips you’ve offered. My husband was skeptical at first of the tips but once we started them his opinion was totally changed. Especially tonight when our child willingly and excitedly ate his peas at dinner! THANK YOU for sharing so much. Feeding time really can be enjoyable!
– Kate

Working with Cindy has brought our daughter to the table faster than we could imagine. Though she was a little resistant at first, she is now eating a larger variety of healthy foods and happily! Our daughter has had a burst of hair and nail growth and finally has a pink glow to her skin! She is so much happier having healthier food in her belly and we are so relieved to have found help. Yesterday our sweet daughter ate eggs, bacon, chicken, cheese, quinoa, diced green beans, carrots, yogurt, cantaloup and sweet potato fries and she has been showing interest in everything she sees on a plate. We are staying committed to all we’ve learned and will continue to implement what Cindy has taught to us. Our daughter is now a part of the family meal process and she smiles and laughs during meals. We have Cindy to thank for that!
– The Ipjian Family

Cindy is very professional and it’s clear that she has extensive knowledge in her field. I was feeling very scared and worried as a first time mom struggling with feeding issues with my son. Cindy taught me all of the essentials that I needed to do my job at home and more. I really have such a better understanding of what I need to do to help my son not only eat well, but enjoy meal times too. The health field needs more kind and educated people like Cindy. We are so happy we found her!
– Shevern Chevalier