How To Create Fall Colors On Your Plate

Cindy Hooks Morrison, M.S., CCC-SLP, CLC

Isn’t it absolutely GORGEOUS outside?

My sweet baby boys and I are just gushing over the colorful leaves we see on the trees and are equally excited over the ones that we can rustle and crunch through as I walk them into school each morning. Autumn in New York is amazing this year.  God is dazzling us with His artwork as He changes the landscape to prepare the earth for the winter to come. As I take it all in I am reminded, once again, that change is constant and though it’s hard to let go of all the memories of seasons past, letting go and moving forward is powerful and leads to beautiful things.  All you have to do is try.

This beautiful season will soon be a memory, so I’d like to challenge you to take your children outside to play. Seriously. Rake up those leaves and jump in them together. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Build memories. Take a walk outside and hunt for as many colored leaves as you can find. Talk about how beautiful those colors are and how autumn would just not be the same if one was missing. Colors are important…especially on their plates!

Oh yes, I went there. Bring those beautiful fall leaves inside your warm home and help your children find foods that match them in color.  It’s common for children to love and admire colors outside only to turn up their little noses when the same colors are presented on their plates. What’s a parent to do?  Transfer those wonderful autumn feelings of happiness, splendor, peace, appreciation, gratitude and love directly to your dinner table.  Create fall colors on their plates!

Not sure what to eat for each color?  Here’s a few quick shots from our local farm stand of fall foods whose colors are mimicking the trees.  How many fall colors can you come up with on your plate? Leave a comment below or share a photo of your fall plates with me!

Happy, healthy eating!

Chew Chew Mama

Create Fall Colors On Your Plate

Create Fall Colors On Your Plate


Create Fall Colors On Your Plate Create Fall Colors On Your Plate


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