Plant a seed and watch them grow into healthy eaters!


Oh how I love trail mix!  What an incredibly easy way to pack in some energy, protein and nutrients….that is of course, unless you have a child with a peanut allergy.  Long before I was called “mommy” a title that I love more than words can ever accurately describe, I appreciated that peanuts were a quick source of inexpensive protein…throw in a chocolate chip…and I wasn’t complaining!

BuChewChewMamaSeedst alas, one day my sweet baby boy started to swell after a kiss on his cheek and my life and my view on peanuts changed forever. Sadly, I said good-bye to peanuts and to trail mix along with it. I thought about making my own safe version and even attempted to accomplish this daunting task once, but honestly, trying to hunt down each of the individual ingredients and making sure that they weren’t crossed contaminated with nuts was frustrating and expensive.

I had thrown in the towel, but i’m happy to report that I don’t have to anymore.  Enjoy Life Foods has leveled the playing field once again for allergy parents across the world by adding a new line of allergen free trail mixes. They are loaded with seeds, dried fruits and yes…one even has their delicious chocolate chips.

As an active mom, i’m thrilled to have another safe and healthy option to use when we are on the go, to sprinkle on salads and to use in school lunches! To learn more about this awesome new seed mix, please visit my good friends and sponsors at Enjoy Life Foods!

Happy, healthy eating!

Need some tips on getting your picky eater to expand their diet?  Check out Happy Eating Club!


  1. Would love an OIT update on Ben and your family!!!