Building Vocabulary – Ground Hog’s Day

Was your Ground Hog’s prediction correct this morning?

Our family was very excited to see what the ground hog would do today.  Would his shadow scare him back into hibernation for six more weeks of winter or would he tell us all that beautiful, wonderful Spring is on its way?

In order to prepare for this special occasion and to build vocabulary, my son and I read several books about Ground Hog’s Day.  Some of our favorite books are linked below. We each decided to make our own prediction, or best guess, about what we thought might happen. We made a simple chart on our blackboard and polled some of our family members to see what they were predicting too. We then compared our answers on the chart to discover that most of our family was anticipating Spring!  Clearly a wishful thinking family!

My son was very excited anticipating today’s event and even more excited to learn that his prediction was correct! Potomac Phil saw his shadow this morning telling us it’s not time to pack up our coats and hats just yet.  In fact, more snow is expected up here tomorrow.

Now my son is asking what else we can make predictions about?

Did your family make predictions about Ground Hogs Day? Do you make prediction’s about the weather? Have you ever rolled dice to try to predict what number you will roll? Predicting with kids is fun!

What is your favorite predicting game to play?

Keep building language!