Feeding Fridays – I scream, You scream…we all scream for safe ice cream!


See that sweet smile?

That is the smile of a little boy that just discovered that he can make his very own peanut-free, ice cream right in our kitchen in 3 minutes.

We made this happen using Ice Cream Magic!  Before I continue with the rest of the details, I want you to know that I am not affiliated with the company or product in any way, but I am VERY glad that I bought it.

When my sweet son first asked me for Ice Cream Magic, my first reaction was that we didn’t need it.  We’ve become accustomed to eating safe, peanut-free ice pops and avoiding regular ice cream for safekeeping of his food allergy.  On top of that, we have an awesome Cuisinart ice cream maker that Chew Chew Daddy enjoys using — but to be completely honest, it’s been collecting dust these days (though not for long!)

“Pretty please, Mama?”

It’s exceptionally hard to look into a smaller version of your own eyes without truly listening all the time, so when I asked the Cub why he wanted it, he simply stated: “so that I can make regular ice cream that’s safe for me.”

My heart melted.  I know he is not deprived in any way by not getting to eat ice cream on a regular basis, but I realized that though he is such a good sport when he has to pass it up, just like any other kid his age…he’d like some ice cream.

I took a closer look at this Ice Cream Magic and this is why I decided to say yes:

  • It’s quick!  Whole process took 5 minutes, maybe 6.
  • All it requires is ice, salt and 4 ingredients or less.
  • Makes a total of about 4 – 6 oz. of ice cream.  A small serving size. Perfect.
  • Once I set the timer, the Cub had to work for that ice cream and shake the container without stopping for 3 whole minutes (which proved to be harder than he anticipated!)
  • No cross contamination.  Made it in our kitchen.  Completely safe.
  • Dairy free options (we used Coconut Milk, because that is what I had on hand)
  • Because I got to say “yes” and it feels good to say that for all the times he hears, “I don’t know if that’s safe for you so we have to pass” or “It’s not safe for you.”
  • It was fun!
  • Easier than the Zip Lock bag method.
  • It was SUPER easy to clean up.
  • $11.00

Our outcome was  Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream made with only 4 ingredients (Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Sugar, Vanilla & Cocoa Powder) and he can’t wait to do it again.  A happy Mama, a happy Cub and another positive food experience in the kitchen!

Click the image for making your own safe ice cream!

Happy, Healthy Eating!



  1. Amanda K. says:

    Thanks for posting! My oldest who is peanut and egg allergic asked for this contraption a while back as well and I said no because I can’t stand buying things that end up not working as advertised (and most of these “as seen on TV” things end up being junk). Anyway, after your review and detailed experience, I believe Max will be getting one (well, two – one for him and one for little brother to enjoy with him) for his birthday in August 😀

    • Amanda, I was weary of it being a TV marketed items as well, but then we saw it for sale at our local food store and we had this conversation while we were standing right in front of them! Even harder to say no! But I am so glad I didn’t. It worked just fine. We followed all of the instructions, including to pre-cool the mixture that goes inside before you start to shake and it was most definitely ice cream! Thank you so much for reading and stopping by! I’m so excited that your boys are going to get to enjoy some safe ice cream too. I loved that I could make it all organic and may even use less sugar next time. Enjoy it and let me know what you think once you’ve tried them out.

  2. maybe harper joy needs one for the shaking 3 minutes wear-her-out activity!!! Made me laugh reading the post as I can totally see it…

    • Absolutely, Jax! I love getting kids involved in the kitchen and I have to laugh at the fact that he got a work out in before eating ice cream! Wear your sweet girl out!