Moms of Messy Eaters (MOM-E) – Henry Maxwell


Henry Maxwell.

Yes, this babe is mine. I am a very proud Mom Of a Messy Eater (MOM-E). Doesn’t that smile and messy face just say it all?  Henry has just begun his adventure. He is loving this brand new experience of eating pureed foods. I make all of his baby food at home. You can find me most often in the kitchen these days. I’m a steaming machine and am continually amazed (and in love) with how our Vitamix whirls these foods into a perfect consistency for our little Cub. What you can currently see on his smiling face is an Apple Cherry Puree!  Nom, nom, nom!

Are you a PROUD MOM-E?

Send me photos of your Messy Eaters to be featured on the Chew Chew Mama blog! Please email photos to and include your wonderful messy eaters name, age and favorite food!

Happy, Healthy Eating!