Connor’s Peanut Free Donuts – Reader Submission!

Photo Credit: Alethia

Photo Credit: Alithea Corter-Bell


To my delight, one of our sweet Chew Chew Mama readers submitted a recipe & picture to share with us!  

Alithea Corter-Bell made these wonderful allergen-free donuts for her sweetheart, Connor (age 5) this Valentines Day!  

Alithea made the donuts using Cherrybrook Kitchens Pancake Mix (also recommends Cherrybrook Kitchens Yellow Cake Mix) and added a cherry juice glaze.  She topped them off with Target’s peanut free sprinkles that I posted about here.

If you’d like to try out this recipe on your own, you can find the pancake mix by clicking on the picture below.

I think Alithea did a fantastic job and I bet she had one happy and safe little boy!  

Be sure to post a comment and let her know what you think?