How To Allergy Prepare for a Blizzard

I know what's NOT on our list!

I know what’s NOT on our list!

A blizzard is coming to the Northeast and while the idea of two feet of snow makes me daydream about building iconic snowmen and adorable bundled up children, as an allergy parent, I also think about the safe guarding that needs to be in place for children with food allergies.

I saw the above photo show up in my Facebook news feed this morning and thought: “Wouldn’t it be easy to be able to stock up on peanut butter and jelly and call it a day?”  Unfortunately, the allergy families up in the Northeast just can’t do that.

It’s important that you have enough food and water to sustain your family for several days. It also may be a good idea to have extra epinephrine on hand.  Why?  If you do have a life threatening emergency, keep in mind, that the snow covered roads could delay emergency rescue services from reaching you as timely as usual.  Each Epipen delivers enough epinephrine to last about 20 minutes.  So stay safe and plan accordingly.

I’ve listed some items below that we stocked up on for the last storm that passed through our area and am sending our best wishes for a safe storm to everyone affected in the Northeast (including my family) and hopefully lots of snow fun to follow.

Suggested “Allergy Safe” Items

– Canned veggies

– Canned Soups

– Snack Pack Fruit Cups and/or squeezable apple sauce

– Sunbutter

– Whole fruit juices

– Milk boxes and/or juice boxes

– Canned tuna and salmon

– Baby food (fruits/veggies/meats)

Be sure to double check the food labels for allergy warnings.