Halloween Happiness!

Some Halloween Happiness arrived for the Cub today and it could not have been more perfectly timed!

We have been in our new home (just 25 minutes outside Washington, D.C.) for just one week now and it has been a LOT of new for our little Cub.  New house, new yard, new weather, new style, new clothes, new level of traffic and amount of people everywhere and even the leaves on the trees are acting funny up here.

The last few days, he’s been missing his friends very much and telling us so.  So it was an absolutely wonderful surprise when a trick-or-treat bag arrived early from some of the friends that he has been missing so much.

Chew Chew Papa brought in the bag this afternoon and told the Cub that his friends had sent him presents to wish him a happy Halloween in the new house. The Cub sprang from playing cars and bounded towards the bag with delight.  At that moment, Chew Chew Papa told me with a smile, “I checked already and there is no candy inside”.  Can not even tell you what those words mean to a peanut allergy mom.  

I always knew our friends were dear and special to us.  But when a non-allergy mom does something like this for your baby, it really is incredibly special.  And i’m thankful.  Thankful for our friendship and thankful that my friend (whose pinned peanut dessert recipes secretly make me drool) made this special effort for our son.We love you, Steele Family!  Very much!

I wanted to share the items that were inside his trick-or-treat bag, to give more non-candy ideas, because every single one of them were a big hit with our Cub.

Goodies included:

Pumpkin-Shaped Bubble Necklace, Foam Spider Craft Kit, “Fooky” Stickers, Halloween Man Parachute Toy (big hit!), a Halloween Cup with a Fun Straw (made lots of milk bubbles at our table tonight eliciting many needed giggles) and a colored Mickey and Minnie Mouse picture signed from his friends.

I loved that this bag brought an outstanding amount of joy to our son and had no candy in it.  It focused on the fun part of Halloween minus the food!

However, since Halloween and Candy traditionally go hand-in-hand, here is the link to my recent Halloween Candy Post.  It lists all of the peanut free candy that is safe for children with peanut allergies, as well as, some additional non-candy choices!

Happy Halloween!

Chew Chew Mama