Choco Cookies


Well, it’s Monday and so I am posting a munchie for you!

This particular munchie was a snack that my husband and I just shared a few minutes ago while we giggled and caught up on each others day. They were delicious! Our Cub is sound a sleep…but we did save him one “choco cookie” to enjoy tomorrow.

So guess what? I totally cheated tonight. These are not homemade cookies.  Can you guess which pre-made, gluten-free (for my husband), peanut and tree nut safe (for our Cub) cookie dough I used?  Hint: We got it at Whole Foods yesterday.

Any guesses?  I’ll post the answer tomorrow!

Thanks for checking in,

Chew Chew Mama


  1. tommyboy38 says:

    french meadow choc chip 😉

  2. tommyboy38 says:

    french meadow bakery— ; )

  3. Looks delicious!